Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Most northerly people on the planet

Very surprised to get a phone call last evening from Isabelle on the pack ice at around 82 degrees north. Calling from a satellite phone she said she had been told she was the most northerly person on the planet... how cool is that. I'm guess they all took turns being the most northery person in the group and calling home. Typically we were out so she only got the speak to the good ol' answer machine but she called back later for a brief chat and sounded really exited about everything that they've been doing... it's going to be so hard to come back home!

Anyway as there seems to be some ignorance about where on earth Svalbard is I've prepared the map above which explains everything. There really isn't much of the world above 82 degrees north. Today they're going back to Ny-Ă…lesund the most northerly permenant settlement on the planet at 78.5 degrees north.

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