Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Ice Angels

Not much news from the north for a few days, except a few minutes on BBC Breakfast. Some more pictures just appeared on the IceEdge site including some of the HVGI team and this one of Grian and Issy doing their Ice Angel thing. Doesn't seem like there's been time (or internet access) for blogging. However the bits I've seen are more than enough to make me soooo jealous... looks like they've seen polar bears, whales, arctic foxes and loads of plankton through a microscope... and still had time to for loads of fun. I saw this article about a record breaking swim in the Arctic Ocean but doesn't seem so amazing now I've seen pics of the kids swimming (a bit) in the same freezing water. Mind you it looked like nice weather!

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Helsbells said...

This is my fav photo-mad girls! And great to see Grian confident enough to show off her grand legs!!